K.G. Hein Sermon: You Little Dog!

Is Jesus a racist? Why does he treat this poor woman so harshly? Mark 7:24-30.

K.G. Hein Sermon: Doubting Thomas

Doubting Thomas may not be who you think he is. K.G. Hein gives a sermon on John 20:26-31.

K.G. Hein: Paradox and Salvation

If God desires to save all people and salvation is all God’s doing, then why are only some saved? Find out how paradox leads to the biblical answer.

Jerrell P. Hein: The Doctrine of Rewards

Jerrell P. Hein tackles the often neglected biblical doctrine of rewards. What does the Bible say about rewards? How do rewards fit within the context of salvation by grace alone through faith alone? How should pastors properly preach and teach this topic?

Intro to Teaching Grace

Teaching Grace provides theologically rich answers to tough biblical questions. Teaching Grace is committed to the historic Christian faith, the primacy of Scripture, the centrality of Christ, and the life-giving teaching of salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.